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I'm from up North.

NAME: Tash.
AGE: 15.


LIKES: reading, spending time with friends, long, epic emails, warm fuzzies, thunderstorms, books, fanfiction, movies, horror, occult, music, wicked!, buffy, angel, charmed.

DISLIKES:racial or religious intolerance, violence, coffee, bimbos, slow printers, harsh sunlight, the gentlemen (hush), being scared, supressed, controlled.

STRONG POINTS: smart, protective, loyal, mature, leadership skills, intuitive, idea-girl, independent, strong, blunt, daring, charming, smooth-talker, true friend, fighter, opinionated.

WEAK POINTS: hard to understand, private, strong to the point of emotionlessness, refuses to let anyone in, unattractive, bitchy, fights for everyone but is never fought for, judgmental, opinionated, keeps heart to self, bossy, manipulative at times, arrogant.

HOBBIES: Music, blogging, reading, writing, hanging with friends, plotting.

SKILLS: Pulling things apart and thinking about every aspect. Understanding instinctively. Never being lost for words. Being strong.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY IN SIX WORDS: That is patently ridiculous and impossible.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE LIKE ABOUT YOU: My tendency to say what everyone's thinking but won't say.

YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY, AND WHY: I truly don't have one. I can't choose ONE from all those good ones. However, the one TOPMOST in my mind right now was Prom, and Lydia, Aaron and I sitting together in an empty ballroom just adjoining the one we had; and talking. It was bittersweet, because we had grown apart and changed, and it was like someone had decided to give us one last moment as what we used to be...TRL (Tash Ron Lyd).

FAVORITE HOLIDAY, AND WHY: Okay, that I can answer straight off, never had a favourite holiday. All have been to Malaysia, and all have been for relative's sake and never for mine.

DO YOU ACT ON IMPULSE OR THINK THINGS THROUGH?: I pull things apart in my head, but at the same time have an impulse control problem in the sense that if I'm out somewhere, on a fun-high, and think of something, I do it. But if it's something that's brewing and takes time to come about (e.g. relationships or people) they are pulled apart to pieces in my head. Mostly, I'd say think things through.

YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE: of the moment? "defying gravity for you would be getting drunk and trying to fly off a roof."

FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: In Roswell? Uh, Max, cos he's cute. Liz, because she's so SWEET.

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Can't stand Maria. Spoiled brat.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY PARANORMAL ABILITIES, WHAT WOULD THEY BE, AND WHY?: To be able to control molecules of objects, to speed them up or slow them down; so that I would have the options of freezing time or blowing things up (e.g. Piper from Charmed). It can be offensive OR defensive, so yeah.

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that's me, I guess, only I wear contact lenses now.

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