Stacy the entertainment addict (larissadawn) wrote in roswell_rating,
Stacy the entertainment addict

I'm from up north....

NAME: Stacy

AGE: 28


CHINESE ZODIAC: no frakking idea...

DO YOUR SIGNS SUIT YOU?: The Libra does to a degree

LIKES: most forms of entertainment (music, tv, movies, books... and some types of games like boggle or poker), I like hanging with friends, going to bars/clubs or just relaxing on couches and watching a movie, my friends, the internet

DISLIKES: people who don't know how to drive, stupid people, people who aren't stupid but act stupid, ignorant people ... George W Bush

STRONG POINTS: I like to think I'm open-minded, I'm somewhat smart (although not the smartest by far), I'm a good listener and a good friend

WEAK POINTS: I can be shy depending on the situation, I have a tendency to procrastinate and can be lazy (as in I'm taking some of this from other rating posts - so I don't have to retype it) - haha

HOBBIES: entertainment stuff (movies/tv/books), making icons, walking around (is that a hobby?), dancing (but not specific types - more like going out with friends and dancing)

SKILLS: speed reader, fast typer, pretty logical thinker... I have some computer skills although not in programming or anything - more like in excel and other programs.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY IN SIX WORDS: shy, logical, caring, friendly, loyal, balanced

WHAT MOST PEOPLE LIKE ABOUT YOU: I listen to them and don't judge them

YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY, AND WHY: Probably dancing at my sister's wedding when it was also my 21st bday. Or maybe baby-sitting my neice for the first tiem when she was just a few months old (we bonded - it was cute!)

FAVORITE HOLIDAY, AND WHY: Halloween - get to dress up and be someone else


YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE: I have many fave quotes - most are tv/movie related - so I won't get into that...

FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Maria - cause she amuses me, Michael - something about the "good bad" boy, Alex - so sweet!, Isabel - hmmm - she's awesome - not sure why I love her

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: I hate to say it - but Liz. She annoys me. Plus I think at first I was thinking she was written like other characters from other shows.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY PARANORMAL ABILITIES, WHAT WOULD THEY BE, AND WHY?: I'd want the ability to move objects with my mind or alter them in some form. Why - sounds cool. But so do most powers I could think of ;)

Here's a few:

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