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Jen's Fandom Journal

I'm from up north...

NAME: Jen.

AGE: 18.

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Sagittarius, baby!


DO YOUR SIGNS SUIT YOU?: My astrological sign does – definitely. I’m honest, I have a temper, I’m interested in religions, I’m outgoing, and I’m also utterly fabulous. My Chinese sign fits me slightly. Mostly, though, I just read descriptions for rabbit signs and just shake my head in horror, hoping I’ll never actually be like that.

LIKES:Reading, thunderstorms, swimming, going shopping and hanging around with my friends, and listening to music. Um – chocolate is big on my list, definitely. Swimming. Mornings where I’ve stayed up all night and can watch the sunrise. Snow. Cooking. Holidays. Spending time with my family.

DISLIKES:Idiots. That’s first and foremost on my list. Um, close-minded people also annoy me, as well as things like spiders, clowns, someone else wearing an outfit I own, being teased by anyone who isn’t one of my best friends.

STRONG POINTS:I’m a good people person. I'm there for people I consider my friends - always. I’m good at getting my point across, and I’m good at knowing what to do in tough situations. I can get revenge if I need to. I’m stubborn – which IS a strong point, thank you very much – and I generally wear most people down just because I refuse to give up. I'm strong. I’m good at bullshitting my way through life, especially in school and with my parents.

WEAK POINTS:I don’t give people the benefit of the doubt. If someone pisses me off, there’s no going back. I insult people I that make me mad a lot - I can't just walk away from a conflict. I can be petty a lot of the time. I get jealous easily. I don’t care enough about what people think of me, and that’s gotten me into trouble before. I usually ask for advice and then totally disregard it, which I’ve been informed is a very weak point. I get defensive easily. I have a temper.

HOBBIES:Debating. Cooking. Shopping. Swimming – in the summer and fall, at least. Teasing my younger brothers.

SKILLS: Er. I’m good at the internet. I’m good at “girly stuff” – my friends come to me for advice on clothes and boys. I’m good at getting what I want, most definitely. I’m good at debating.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY IN SIX WORDS: Stubborn. Intelligent. Honest. Bossy. Amusing. Social.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE LIKE ABOUT YOU: I’m actually vain enough to half-believe that people like everything about me, but, however self-confident I am, I’m not delusional. I think most people like that I’m amusing, that I’m helpful –regarding some things, anyway -, that I can get things done. That I’m loyal to those I actually love. That I’m intelligent, but not in a brown-nosing, kissing-my-teachers’-asses sort of way.

YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY, AND WHY: It would probably be a memory from three years ago. My best friend – well, one of them – and I went on a vacation with my family, and the entire trip was fabulous. We lounged around, we shopped, we flirted with the hot guys, we waited in line at midnight – with a crowd of people we didn’t know, but easily made friends with – to get “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” We went swimming every day, and watched the sunset every night.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY, AND WHY: Christmas! I love everything about the holiday [well, okay, besides the religion thing.] I love decorating the house, and pretty much anywhere I can, and cooking all sorts of wonderful foods. I love being with my family – I have relatives I only see once or twice a year, and Christmas is one of those occasions. I love getting presents. I love hoping, each year, for snow. I love it all!

DO YOU ACT ON IMPULSE OR THINK THINGS THROUGH?: For the little things, I act more on impulse. But when it comes to actually important stuff – as opposed to what pair of earrings I want to buy, or something – I usually think things through. There’s no point in rushing into something without knowing what you want to do, especially when it could be a problem in the long run.

YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE: “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Winston Churchill. I intend on becoming a lawyer – possibly, probably, if I don’t become a chef – and going into politics, and I’ve considered this my mantra for the past few years. It’s a sentiment I can get behind.

FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Tess – because she was sweet in the beginning, an utter bitch in the end [although I love her anyway – or maybe because of that], and had everyone fooled the entire time. Because she was ambitious. Because she really did love Max. Because, well, Emilie de Ravin is gorgeous and I’m shallow. I also love Isabel, though – she was strong-willed, loved her family deeply, usually got what she wanted, and honestly, who could dislike her when she was the Christmas Nazi?

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Liz Parker. I liked Liz in the beginning, but by the end of the series, she definitely annoyed me. Now, a large part of this is because I don’t think Shiri was a good actress then – although she definitely improved – and because she got so much screentime. But there’s also just something about her that annoys me. I don’t know if it’s her scientist persona, her annoying tendency to take things too seriously, or what.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY PARANORMAL ABILITIES, WHAT WOULD THEY BE, AND WHY?: I’m tempted by telekinesis – I would love being able to move things with my mind, because, well, I’m lazy. But I would also love being able to rearrange the molecular structure of things, because just think of how many times that would come in handy!
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