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I'm From the North

NAME: Lyndsi
AGE: 20


LIKES: I like writing, reading, studying on occasion...

DISLIKES: The rest of the occasion in which I don't like studying, annoying people who don't know how to clean their hands when they are done doing things that are uncleanly (I'm OCD it's a pet peeve)

STRONG POINTS: I don't know if I have any. I will stand up for myself when something turns to or does involve me....though I will probably run and hide for cover later.

WEAK POINTS: I don't really like getting to know people I like my save group of friends. I've had the same group of friends since I was in that's gotta tell ya a little something. I don't like talking in front of people and I am more of a follower then a leader.

HOBBIES: Writing, I play video games sometimes till I can't feel my fingers and I sit on the computer sometimes....until all hours of the night.

SKILLS: I can do martial least a little, I don't like using it unless there is something that involves me. I can communicate with people to calm them down, I'm great with kids, worked at three daycares for summer work.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY IN SIX WORDS: shy, intelligent, careful, cautious, tv junkie....

WHAT MOST PEOPLE LIKE ABOUT YOU: I can keep a specific conversation going for hours and they won't even know what I started talking about to begin with. But they keep it going.

YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY, AND WHY: The day I got my first was strawberry shortcake and I was a speed demon on that sister crashed it and broke it.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY, AND WHY: Halloween or Easter....why you ask? It's obvious you get containers full of candy or money! *grins*

DO YOU ACT ON IMPULSE OR THINK THINGS THROUGH?: It depends on the situation...for example if a bank was being robbed I would think of a plan to calm the guy/girl down, but if it were a sibling or family thing I would act on impulse.

YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE: "I aim to misbehave." Mal Reynolds

FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Max Evans....he's my favorite because he was the one that exposed them to Liz, Maria, and Alex....Isabel because she's cautious and is scared what could happen if one of them blabbed it out. Liz Parker because she is the one who was saved by Max...I think that it is safe to say that she is worth being a favorite.

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Michael and Maria....Constant bickering hour when they are involved....that's why I don't like them enough....

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY PARANORMAL ABILITIES, WHAT WOULD THEY BE, AND WHY?: I would love to read someone's mind. For good reasons, not like stalkerish but just to make sure everythings okay with everyone....that would be a cool power to have.
PICTURES/DESCRIPTION: I have medium length light brown hair in which I am trying to grow out my bangs so that they can go behind my ears... eye color changes with the weather making them green right now...ummm I'm 5 7ish...maybe taller....
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